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We have real expertise in providing robust E-Commerce Web Solutions. Our solutions will convert your website visitors to customers.

What is E-Commerce?

eCommerce basically means electronic commerce i.e. buying and selling things electronically instead of the usual physical way. eCommerce simplifies the process of buying/selling and brings the world of commerce right at your doorstep. It uses a variety of applications like Shopping Carts, E-mail, Social Media sites, Web services, etc.

Why choose us

At Aakarsoft Technologies, we have a team working on developing eCommerce websites in Mumbai for the past 4 years. We have a lot of experience in what you require to grow your business. We help you make your mark in the world by opening your business to everyone, everywhere. In the past few years, we’ve helped people expand their businesses online to cater to customers all over easily. We know how it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for a local, traditional business to start an eCommerce portal. Hence, we are there to help you, support you and take you to the next level.

Our clients have always appreciated our work. The way we understand their needs and provide them with suitable platforms goes a long way. We have been working with our clients in Mumbai, Thane and beyond with multiple platforms. As the ongoing trend is more towards Online Shopping, we develop eCommerce website for your business, so you can cross the barriers of traditional business.

What platforms do we work on?

Depending on your requirements, we suggest you to use whatever platform suits your needs the best. There are many eCommerce platforms and shopping carts available, having their own features as well as shortcomings. We have listed some of them below for you to check. Also, if you have any other platform which you like, our team is flexible with working on new stuff.

This is one of the best available shopping cart applications currently in the market. Opencart provides a lot of features, flexibility and customization. Also has a great community and lot of extensions which can be used to enhance your website.

Joomla was one of the first shopping carts to rise up and gave online shopping applications a boost. Overall it is a good choice.

The major player in this industry is Magento. It has existed for a very long time and is one of the most exhaustive systems available today.

If you want a website which is content-based, but you also want some shopping functionality, you should go for WooCommerce. It is an extension of WordPress, which offers shopping cart functionality.

CS-cart is best if you want a multivendor platform. It helps you add vendors to your website and lets you control everything as the administrator.

We also make custom eCommerce websites, which means that if you have a very different requirement than that of the usual shopping carts or shopping websites, we can develop it. It would probably be a good option for you to choose us if you are based in Mumbai. As we ourselves are based here, it makes sense to develop your eCommerce website or application from someone near you.

How we help

What if you have an existing website and you want custom changes or some other functionality added to you eCommerce website or application? Our team is also well-equipped to do that. Be it payment gateway integration or a module development or any other custom changes to your website, we can help you with that. In addition, we have an excellent designing team if you require logos or banners designed for your website. We also carry out maintenance of your websites so you can focus on your business aspect rather than worry about the technical aspects.