GSM Phone Unlocking Portal

The one place you can manage your orders,clients,billing and api automation, can be used to sell both to retail and wholesale.

In simple terms, GSM phone unlocking portal is an e-commerce portal for offering phone unlocking services. GSM phone unlocking portal caters all the necessary features required for selling your unlocking services which include managing services, order processing, payments, credits, order tracking, newsletter subscription, API integration, client management, dealer management, price management etc.

Unlike other phone unlocking portal, GSM phone unlocking portal is user-friendly and concise as it has no useless feature in it which user hardly uses. GSM phone unlocking portal also supports External API's integration which helps you in expanding your business to its full limit.

GSM phone unlocking portal has three sections in it administrator, customer, and dealer respectively.

Administrator Section

  • As an administrator, you can manage your products and service over the GSM phone unlocking portal. You can add ⁄ modify service to provide details, price etc.
  • An administrator can manage and process orders (Can change the status of Orders) placed by the customer and dealers.
  • An administrator can manage various user of the portal.
  • An administrator can add/ give credit to customer/dealers for purchasing services.
  • An administrator can set a different price for the services for different dealers.
  • An administrator can send a newsletter to subscribed users.

Customer Section

  • A customer can browse through the various services offered by the GSM phone unlocking portal.
  • A portal visitor can register himself/herself on the portal as a customer or as a dealer (which require approval from Administrator)
  • A customer can place an order by selecting a correct service provider and entering an IMEI number of the cell phone.
  • After checkout customer can pay via various payment gateway available on the unlocking portal (Paypal, Western Union, CCAvenue etc.) or they can pay by credit (If available) or wallet (If available).
  • After successful placement of order customer can track orders he/she has placed. They can also view payment invoice.
  • A customer can send a request for IEMI number verification as well as they can subscribe for newsletters.

Dealer's Section

  • Along with all the features available to the customer, a dealer can place unlocking request for multiple IMEI simultaneously.
  • Every dealer will have a different price for the services offered by the unlocking portal.

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Support for multiple language and currency.
  • User-friendly and simple to use.
  • Update status of lot order just by downloading and uploading an excel sheet.
  • Set a different price for different dealers.
  • Hassle free order and payment management.
  • Support for External API's.

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