Lead Management System

Organize your lead capture, lead management, sales management & analytics in one platform.

Lead management system is a lightweight desktop application providing a complete automation of the lead management process and an analysis tool to the management to keep track of the performance of their sales representatives. It also helps the sales representatives in the proper follow-up of their leads and thereby enhancing the rate of successful closure.

The salient points of this application are:

  • Web Lead Integration - Today's world is dominated by the internet. Leads that enquire on the web usually are lost to delay in checking the e-mail or such cases. LMS integrates the web leads and assigns them to a CSR and displays them in his tray as soon as the system is launched thereby leaving no chance of the lead being missed out.
  • Reminders - Most of the times a lead is lost due to a missed appointment or a call that was supposed to be made but was made late or never made. The feature of reminder helps a sales representative to keep track of his tasks scheduled and minimizes the chances of him/her forgetting to do them up to zero percent.
  • Lead Tracking - This feature allows the manager to view the activities done for a particular lead by the sales representative to whom the lead was assigned. Also it includes the movement of lead from one sales person to another.
  • Performance Reports - As the name indicates, there are plenty of reports from different perspectives that help the manager to assess the performance of the sales team or a particular sales representative.
  • Consolidated Sales Report - This is the report that the management is most interested in. It provides an overview of the sales done or leads closed successfully in a particular period and that too employee wise there by helping the manager in pin-pointing the best salesman for the organization at a glance.
  • 360-degree Lead Analysis - The sales representative or the manager can view each and every detail, as well as each and every activity for a lead done in the past. The option of comments is much more helpful if the lead is passing amongst multiple sales representatives.
  • Multi-user (Client & server) - This is the most common feature which further enhances the productivity as all data is maintained on a central server, thereby removing the dependency of a user on a particular machine as he/she can access their leads from any machine in the organization wherever the client is installed.
  • Real Time monitoring - "There is no point in mulling over spilt milk" as the saying goes. Similarly there is hardly any point in thinking after the lead is lost. Real-time monitoring is the feature where the manager can take out performance reports from time to time or on a daily basis and track the progress of each lead thereby maximizing the chances of conversion.