Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate all kinds of payment gateways. Unleash the power of online payment methods 
that will give you an edge in the online market.

Simply put, payment gateway is the portal through which your payments are processed. An example of this could be using the credit card/debit card machine for payment of your purchase. In this case, the machine you swipe the card on is the payment gateway.

If you have ever done shopping on any e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, or SnapDeal, you might have seen some Payment methods during checkout. These payment methods are all provided by different Payment Gateway Providers.

There are loads of Payment Gateways available today, some of which are widely used and very popular. These include PayPal, CCAvenue, PayUMoney, EBS, PayUBiz, CitrusPay, PayTm, Authorize.Net, 2checkout and many, many more. It is essential to identify which payment gateway is better suited to your needs.

Payment Gateways are of different types, like credit card, debit card, e-check, bitcoin etc, and depending on your requirements, you might want one or more than one payment gateways to be integrated in your website. Payment Gateway integration is usually done on e-commerce websites, but there are also some instances where you only offer services or likewise on your website, where you might need payment gateway integration to be done.
No matter if you are using an existing e-commerce portal or a custom-made website, we help you make online payments become easier, simpler for you as well as your customers.

For payment gateway integration, you only need to identify which payment gateway you want on your e-commerce portal or your website, and how you want it implemented. All the rest is taken care of by our experienced team. It's just that easy!

We are a company based in Mumbai who has been working on payment gateway integration since 2012, and over a period of time we have integrated payment gateways on a large number of custom websites, shopping websites and e-commerce portals. Our dedicated team works constantly to help you grow, and does whatever it takes to finish things timely. We never disappoint our valued customers and we take pride in ourselves on our work and support. Our clients have always supported us and made sure to praise us for our work.

We provide you with the option to integrate any payment gateway of your liking, be it credit card processing, online wallets, e-check payments, or bitcoin payments. Following are some of the payment gateways we have integrated over the past few years:

  1. PayPal: PayPal is one of the most recognized and well-known online payment gateway services.
  2. CCAvenue: CCAvenue is a multi-currency payment gateway provider which provides payment support in both USD and INR.
  3. PayUMoney: PayUMoney is one of the newer payment gateways which has captured the market quite quickly and effectively.
  4. CitrusPay: CitrusPay has been in the payment gateway field for a very long time and is a trusted company.
  5. PayTm: PayTm is also one of the newer payment processing options which has gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time.
  6. E-check: We have integrated e-check payment gateway which stores e-check information in your order details in order to process them through an external payment processor. Usually done in USA and UK, this payment gateway is not used in India.
  7. Bitcoin Payment: We also provide payment gateway integration for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, a virtual currency which has no physical form and is fully digital. It has been said that this might be the future of currency, and although there are many other crypto-currencies available today, Bitcoin has been hugely popular and the most widely used of them all. For integrating Bitcoin Payment Gateway, you just have to get a Bitcoin wallet (Blockchain is widely popular), and we provide you with a payment gateway for the Bitcoin transactions.
  8. Other Payment Gateways: We offer payment gateway integration services even for other payment gateways. Many a times, you might want to have a payment gateway integrated in your website which is not as popular as the ones above. We have done may custom payment gateway integrations as well, and for that, we are here to help you out. If you are residing in Mumbai, we are the better option for you as we offer our payment gateway integration services in Mumbai.