Overtime Calculator

OverTime Calculator is a desktop application made specifically for the Indian Railways in order to calculate and keep track of the complex system of overtime wages for their employees.

The application handles the complex formulae of the Indian Railway overtime calculation and keeps track of hourly payment to be made to the employee.

Mor specifically, the application provides a detailed report for each employee with the hours of overtime he/she has put in and the amount paid to the employee on a daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis or as and when the situation demands.

Specific features of the application include :

  • Minimal data entry.
  • Handling complex formulae for calculation purposes.
  • Mantaining an employee databse.
  • Keep track of each and every payment made or supposed to be made to employee.
  • Provide the user with detailed cummulative report for the total hours for which overtime is to be paid along-with the amount to be paid for each employee.