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Hassle-free Courier Management System

Shippy Courier and Tracking Software is a simple and easy to handle desktop application which helps courier service providers to handle their system efficiently in this digital world. 

Shippy provides easy handling of courier information from its pickup to final delivery along with tracking on your website.

Courier Management Software


Easy to Use

Attractive UI & easy interface because we understand how boring and complicated typical systems can look like

Sales Entry

Manage all courier packages and AWBs with a simple yet smart entry form that allows for quick data entry


Create, update & delete manifests with minimal effort, ensuring faster processing of your courier packages

DRS Entry

Create Daily Runtime Sheets with packages to be delivered locally, and assign them to your delivery person

POD Updation

Update tracking details of courier packages in sequence or in bulk, which is then reflected on your website to your customers

Bulk Import

Import courier data in bulk directly into a manifest with the bulk import feature to minimise manual data entry work by your staff


View and download reports for manifests and AWBs in various formats with option to filter data based on specific criteria

Multiple Users

Shippy Courier Software lets you add multiple users as operators to operate the software or delivery people to deliver packages

Server Sync

Keep your data updated using a single click with your website server, so that your customers can view status of courier packages


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Modern Material UI

Having a feature-rich, modern & user-friendly interface, Shippy assists courier businesses to work speedily and efficiently.
Shippy also helps avoiding the hassles of paperwork and manual labor.

Smart entry form

Online tracking and daily backup

Shippy Courier Application Software comes tightly integrated with our online tracking feature. This helps you to sync this offline tracking data with your own website with a single click.

Online tracking on your website enables customers to track their courier packages easily by visiting your website.

Shippy also comes with a daily backup feature where your data is backed up on your local computer. This feature helps in maintaining and securing your data, and preventing any severe data loss in case of any mishap.
Shippy asks for confirmation for creating a backup, if not already created, whenever a user is exiting the application.