Software solution that helps improve organization,
maximize efficiency, and drive more revenue.


It is a cloud-based application that provides a complete view of customers and everything related to them. It helps in automating a lot of the manual work required in building customer relationships. Combines different essential tools in one application that takes the hassle out of client interaction and management.

Client Management

Increase and strengthen communication internally with employees as well as externally with Clients & Partners. Feature-rich management having one central location to keep track of all client activity helps streamline communication across the organization

Task Management

Tasks and processes are smartly designed to be much more easier and automated. This results in a smoother communication between clients and the organization, which saves time and energy, and also reduces tedious work for both employees and clients

Document Management

Reduce inefficiency and inaccuracy in client data, along with the hassle of maintaining printed copies of client data and documents. Easy online document management system linked to client for quick access to clients' files and documents

Analytics & Reports

Keep track of your business and view figures at a glance as charts. Or see cases filtered by date, client, status etc. in the form of detailed reports. View feedback, efficiency of your employees/staff and increase productivity in your law firm

Appointments & Reminders

View and manage your daily client appointments with a simple yet streamlined appointment system. A simple reminder system to manage everything on time without missing important work, even while collaborating with different people, all at the same place

Multi User System

Common platform for the whole organization, with different accounts having different capabilities. Proper multi user system with real time updates and syncing between different accounts

Better access to information within your organization

One central location to keep track of all client and employee activities to help in a smoother communication across the whole organization.

Swift CRM Dashboard - Colourful & Informative

Legal Document Management

Swift CRM for law firms provides you full access to all your data, anytime, anywhere, thus saving your time and money, and increasing the efficiency of your law firm significantly. You no longer need to keep track and carry around physical documents everywhere you go. Simply log in from your PC/Laptop/Mobile and view the documents that you need, all conveniently categorized on a single platform.

Communication & Legal Consulting Software

No need to use multiple programs and software to keep up with your daily communications and tasks, as Swift CRM allows client management, docket/case management, communication history, reminders and appointments to be maintained within a single platform.

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