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Is Dropshipping is a part of your business. We believe, we can help you. Are you fed up with the regular manual management and playing with excel to keep track of your transaction. We have a solution – Supply&Track. Supply&Track is an automated application that will take care of your buyer’s order, supplier’s shipment and your daily transactions.

Supply&Track is a web-based application which consists lot many features which will make your life easy. You might be thinking now, how an application can make life easy. So take a chill-pill. Let’s start understanding this web based application in details.

Well, Supply&Track can be broadly divided into three parts Administrator, Supplier and Buyer respectively. Let’s discuss first the features and functionality that Administrator part is going to have.

Functionality for Administrator

  • Create new Suppliers and Buyers into the system.
  • Map Buyers to Supplier (if required).
  • Define credit limit for any buyer and shipping charges (For all deferent Type of Shipping).
  • Add Product or Items of Supplier into the System.
  • Specify separate price for every buyer for each product that your supplier is offering.
  • He can define shipping type and shipping price.
  • Add credits to Buyer’s account.
  • Reports – Credit Reports

Functionality for Supplier

  • Will be able to see all order for the day and can download too.
  • Upload order with tracking Id and Order Status.
  • View all transaction with order details
  • Report – Today’s
  • Report – Labels List (To Use on Parcel’s) (Name, Address, City, Country, Zip etc)
  • Report – Today’s Items Required to be shipped.

Functionality for Buyer's

  • Buyer can upload his orders directly from the excel sheet (irrelevant of the structure of the excel sheet.)
  • Buyer can also view his/her transaction and credit details.
  • Buyer can see the status and tracking Id of the shipments.
  • Buyer can also check the details of the products Administrator is offering.


  • Simple and easy to track your orders and credit transactions.
  • Flexible application where you have to only upload Excel files for the smooth transaction.
  • Easy management of your buyers and suppliers. Buyer-supplier Mapping.
  • Calculate Stock required on one click.
  • You can customize application as per your need.
  • Download orders from various marketplaces(Buyers) as a single unit
  • Track all your orders with strong filtering mechanism
  • View all unfulfilled orders from all your channels and optimize delivery time
  • Expand each order to view additional details
  • Tracking number is automatically sent back to your sales channel when you sent the orders to respective customers
  • Use our powerful search to find orders in lighting speed
  • Track Credit Reports of Every Buyer
  • Print Shipping Labels for each order
  • Real Time Information about the status of the orders placed available to the buyers
  • 100% Web-Based! No downloading, No Installing and No tinkering to get started. All you need is an internet connection and you can create and access your SupplynTrack account from anywhere at anytime
  • We provide full phone and email support to all of our customers at no additional cost.
  • What you see is only getting better each day. Our talented development team is constantly listening to customers and improving our features. Best of all, our customers aren’t hindered by one of our software updates as they’re done in real-time with minimal (if any) downtime.