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OPD (Out Patient Department)

An Out-patient is a patient who is not hospitalized for 24 hours or more but who visits hospital, clinics or associated facilities for diagnosis and treatment.

Our OPD system consists of several segments:

Hospital Profile:

Details of Hospital such as Name, Number of shifts per day for each doctor and Details for receipt (Receipt Title, Address, Phone and Email).


You can add, edit and delete doctor details. Doctor details consist of Personal info, Address details, Contact info and Job info.


You can search patients by name or by their contact number. You can add, edit and delete patient details. Patient details consist name, gender, age, address and contact number.

Doctor Duty Schedule:

Duty schedule is basically where you keep track of doctor whether he is available for his shifts.


You can assign shifts to doctors.


 You can add, update and delete masters of degree, facility, treatment (based on facility), medicine and specialization.


You can add an appointment for the patient by selecting their name.Provide a date for appointment and doctor name with whom they want their appointment with. You can also add symptoms for future references. You can filter appointment details by doctor name, patient name or appointment date. You can add, edit and delete an appointment.


You can add prescription to a patient by selecting the appointment. You can provide prescription remarks for future reference. You can add medicine or treatment details if any, you can also provide remarks for each medicine and treatment that is prescribed. You can search prescription details by patient name, doctor name, patient contact number or prescription date. You can also print a receipt of a particular prescription.


OPD consists of three reports: