AFRS -Automated Facial Recognition System

After a long dilemma and debate, in early March this year, the Indian Home Ministry has given approval to the automated facial recognition system (AFRS) for the identification of unrecognised bodies, missing children and criminals. There were several legislative and ethical concerns that had clouded the decision yet. Nonetheless once implemented and handled by right […]


Ever since the beginning of human civilization, we are trying to reduce manual efforts by making simple to extremely complex machines. The next step in the same process is robotics and automation. Robotics and automation is a field with abundance potential. It expands its scope from household applications to solving mysteries of the Universe to […]

What is a vector file

The question usually arises when a printer requests you to share a vector file of a graphic. In this post, we would talk about vector files and formats in detail. A vector image file is a collection of individual, scalable objects that use mathematical algorithms to define these objects. You can scale (enlarge) these images […]

Do I need a mobile Website?

Have you asked this question recently yourself!! Today there is a rapid increase in the number of mobile internet users. Smartphone and other mobile device have become the preferred choice of browsing the internet. Therefore, if you haven’t got a mobile website. Go, Get One. Per day billion of users search Google for I want to do, I want […]

Similar logo, Different Brands

Designers work very hard in order to design a new concept, something unique, contemporary. But we live in a world where our thinking, imagination, skills match with others. Therefore, when it comes to logo design, we have found similarities between logo designs of brands. It happens not just because of our imagination and skills, but […]

How to choose Color for your Logo!!

Understanding the physiology of color is very important before designing an effective logo. Our brain is inherently programmed to respond to colors. According to studies color affect more than mood – it has the ability to change our buying habits. Colors play a vital role when it comes to online shopping (in fact any kind […]

Export Gridview data to Excel (.xlsx) without using HtmlTextWriter in Asp.NET

You can use export data by using EPPlus.dll. Following is the sample code. public void ExportToExcel(){DataView dv = new DataView();System.Data.DataTable tbl = new System.Data.DataTable();dv = (DataView)SqlDataSource1.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty); // To access the data associated with Gridviewtbl = dv.ToTable(); //Following code is copied from StackOverFlow using (ExcelPackage pck = new ExcelPackage()){//Create the worksheetExcelWorksheet ws = pck.Workbook.Worksheets.Add(“Demo”); //Load the datatable into […]