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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  is not a visible robot, but rather an automated software bot that can be a program to do rule-based, repetitive tasks just like humans.

RPA is changing the world very much like physical robots. For example, An ATM machine reduces the workload of a bank teller by automating the whole process of money withdrawal which is a repetitive task. Similarly, an RPA bot can perform click, copy, paste on the user interface of an application to complete the repetitive tasks.

With the help of technologies like OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning an RPA bot emulates human operations on the web and desktop applications.

RPA Working

Step 1

Planning Phase

Finalizing the process that needs to be automated and determining the test objects.

Step 2

Development Phase

Creation of automation workflow as per the agreed plan.

Step 3

Deployment & Testing Phase

Uncover unexpected outages and issues in the automation and ensure a bug-free product.

Step 4

Support & Maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance for smooth deployment across the platforms.

Advantages of RPA

Overall productivity in your organization can be greatly improved, as all repetitive work gets done automatically

Robotic processes are able to work faster than a human, and don’t make human mistakes like typing errors

A lot of customer handling can be done using automated processes, which saves your manpower and improves customer experience at the same time

Automated software bots are accurate and work only according to specified rules, which helps in increased compliance in work processes

Bots can decrease the number of IT resources used, as number of people using IT resources decreases

Training costs of employees reduce greatly as bots do not require any training once they are implemented

As automated bots are basically software programs, they are highly compatible in any kind of work environment because they can always be programmed to change

RPA company in Mumbai

At Aakarsoft, we cater to SMEs in implementing robotic technology in their business process. Our Intelligent solution would help you focus more on your core business. The right RPA solution would help you reduce errors and cost in the business process.

An RPA solution can be easily configured with your existing system. It has significant advantages over traditional IT implementation. It has solutions for various industries like banking, finance, logistics, and healthcare.

Automation Consultancy
We are a team of experienced full-stack developers and designers who have the right mindset for automation. We can suggest you a robust and scalable RPA solution for your needs.
Automation Design
We will design an automation process for you after a complete understanding of your requirements. We prefer to use Open-source technologies to develop RPA.

RPA Implementation
RPA implementation is important as it is very much dependent on the environment and platform. During RPA implementation, we keep challenges, limitations, and risks of RPA in mind.
Automation Support
We have an excellent support system after the implementation of RPA. We help you to keep RPA updated as most of the time RPAs are dependent on third-party software.

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Test Cases


Invoice Processing

Problem Statement

The client was receiving PDF invoices in a Web-application. After login, the user had to download the PDF invoice and extract information. This information was required to be fed into an SAP system. It was a repetitive and large-volume task.


We offered a client an Attended RPA bot solution that login’s to the web application, downloads the PDF invoice, and extracted all text information using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

After text extraction, the bot enters the same information into an SAP system and save the record.


The RPA solution saved a lot of time and IT resources that were involved in the repetitive and large volume task.

Domestic businesses can reduce the cost by up to 65% through RPA. It offers a higher ROI by offering positive returns as opposed to years.

Document Processing

Problem Statement

The law firm had to create a legal document in bulk. Same format but different details. The law firm was taking in details from their customer in a physical form. These physical form details need to be entered by employees into a pre-drafted MS-Word document. The law firm was facing a lot of issues with spelling and grammatical mistakes and had to deploy dedicated employees for data entry.


We offered an Open-solution RPA solution to the law firm. First, we have created a web form that would accept information from the law firm customers in place of physical form. Once the information has been collected Law firm has to run an Attended bot that would read all the information from the backend (where all customer data is stored) and feed the same information in the MS-Word document repeatedly. RPA bot would save the document in a folder and update the status in the backend.


The RPA solution saved a lot of time and resources that were involved in the repetitive and large volume task. It has increased the efficiency of creating legal documents by 85%

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