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Lawyers spend a lot of time in menial back-office operations while on the contrary, they should focus more on their practice.

Swift CRM helps law firms onboard new clients into engaging relationships by keeping track of all their critical information.

Swift CRM is a smart and easy-to-use software solution that helps streamline business processes and organize files in one secure centralized system.

Features of Swift CRM

360 Degree Overview
Legal, a data-sensitive industry where the smallest information or communication needs to be recorded. Our legal CRM software stores the trail of communication and information at the centralized location.
Swift CRM would eventually reduce the stack of Box files in your office used for storing all important papers. Swift CRM would help you manage and store data on a private secure cloud server.

A must feature for any Lawyer or attorney. Using Swift CRM you can manage all your appointments with a single click. You can integrate appointment booking on your website.

Reminders & Task
You would be always ahead of time and deadlines. Through this feature, you can keep staff members in any communication loop.
An interactive and dynamic dashboard always keeps you updated about the happening in your Law firms.

Time is a valuable asset. Swift CRM helps you to focus more on billable work rather than back-office jobs and co-ordinations.
24x7 Access
The use of a private cloud server would ensure access to all important files and folders accessible to you anytime anywhere.
Get actionable insights, measure workload, active cases, turnaround time, staff performance, and payment details etc.
Multiuser system would help you to assign the right role and access to the staff members likes front-office, back-office, and accounts.
Swift CRM keeps a trail of all the communication that happens in your law firm. From sending an SMS update to any communication that happened on a case. This ensures that the whole team is on the same page and there is zero miscommunication.
Basic Accouting
Swift CRM has basic accounting features. That would help you print quick invoices and stores payments details. It also stores information like amount advance collected, balance payment, and discount offered to a client for any particular services.
Customer Feedback
This would help to analyze the client's experience with your law firm. Feedback would give you complete insights into your law firm from workflow, skills, management to staff behavior.

Managing Law firm is hard. Let's make it easy together.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as the name suggest is technology for managing relationship and interaction between a company/firm and its customers and prospects. A CRM system helps firms to understand its customers and improves relationship which ultimately leads to more profits.

We recommend you to first check our demo before purchasing our CRM software.

CRM systems are built using databases in which data in stored in a very organized method with lot of security. CRM system has lot many features like reminders, appointments, client interaction, custom forms, reports, feedbacks, dashboard, and calander which are not available in a spreadsheet.

Definitely. We realise that your data related to your team, clients & business process is very crucial & sensitive.
Hence, we have used highly secure encryption methods & strong authentication models in Swift CRM to ensure your data is safe & secure.
On top of that, Swift CRM would be set up on your own hosting server which ensures that your data isn’t shared between other users of the software and belongs only to you.

Yes. Swift CRM for Law Firms is a responsive web application meaning it can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktop computers.
This also enables you to use the system anywhere, anytime.

Typically, Swift CRM can be set up within 48 hours once you opt for purchase. Additional setup configuration like Email, SMS & Appointments might take more time depending on various factors.

Unlimited. Yes, that’s right.
There are no restrictions on how many users you can create in the CRM system.

Yes. One of the highly requested features in Swift CRM for Law Firms is appointment booking.
Swift CRM comes with an appointment system where clients can schedule appointments with you as per slot availability and get notified of its status. On the other hand, you can manage your appointments inside the CRM system.

Documents are stored on your own separate hosting server where Swift CRM is installed. In order to keep the documents secure, they are not directly accessible to anyone and need the user to be authenticated via the CRM system.

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to a CRM. Each industry has its own business processes & terms that a CRM should be capable to accommodate.
Swift CRM is specifically tailored to suit law firms, while other major CRMs are usually generalized in nature.
We also provide customization in Swift CRM to offer a better experience to you.

We have a refund policy of 10 days. If you don’t like our CRM system, you can always approach us and we’ll refund you the applicable amount.

If you are facing any kind of issues while using Swift CRM, you can get in touch with us and our support team will help you resolve them.
Usually, any issues or bugs are fixed/resolved within 24-48 hours depending on how critical it is.

We are always looking to adapt and improve our software system. If you need any new module or feature, feel free to get in touch with us and we will incorporate it.

Yes, we will. Although Swift CRM is really easy to use even for non-technical staff, we will still conduct a training session for your team in which our team would explain all the features & the flow of Swift CRM and how to use them.
For any further assistance, our support team will be available for help.

It is possible to store all your client data in the form of Excel sheets & Word documents, but it quickly starts becoming cluttered & messy. CRMs allow you to store all your data on a centralized location in an organized manner while also providing easy access to it, as opposed to storing it in files which takes time & effort to search through and find the required information.
With Swift CRM, you also get access to client & work information anytime, anywhere which is not possible when your files are stored on your work computer.

Yes. Swift CRM allows you to create an unlimited amount of users & clients with the option to access it from anywhere. This means you can have multiple offices of your law firm that can work together on a single platform.

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